What is this?

We mine cool Ripple addreses based on a dictionary and phrases that people submit to us for a bounty.

Real working examples:

Neat! I have an address I want to put a bounty on!

Go back to the main page and enter the vanity you want to place a bounty on then click the prompts to place the bounty.

When an address is mined doesn't the miner see the secret key?

We use split key mining so the miners never see the keys. However we deliver the vanity addresses through setRegularKey followed by disabling the original key. These operations can be checked on the public ledger. This means you can have a 100% secure Ripple vanity address without trusting any third party!

I want to join and mine!

This mining pool is a private club governed by a constitution. Membership is by invitation only. If you are interested in becoming a member then please read the constitution and ask an existing member in the discord for an invite.

Alternatively give us your email (we won't spam, promise) and we'll contact you about getting an invite

Brief overview of membership:

To Join the mining pool contact us on discord: Click here